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Fourth Wing (Empyrean, Book 1), by Rebecca Yarros Review – A Good Story with A Weird Narration

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Title Fourth Wing (Empyrean, Book 1)
AuthorRebecca Yarros
NarratorsRebecca Soler, Teddy Hamilton
Book NumberBook 1
Length20 hours and 43 minutes
FormatUnabridged Audiobook
Release DateMay 2, 2023
PublisherRecorded Books

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the world of “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros, narrated by Rebecca Soler and Teddy Hamilton. Allow me to share my firsthand experience of this audiobook.

fourth wing empyrean

Exceptional Narration That Brings the Characters to Life

First and foremost, I must commend the narrators for their exceptional performance. I was genuinely captivated by their delivery and ability to bring the characters to life. However, I must acknowledge that the narrator’s occasional nasal tone, particularly in the first half of the book, did detract from the overall enjoyment. Nonetheless, I was able to overlook this and focus on the compelling emotion within the narration itself. Also, it’s a bit more s*xual than I could digest.

Impressive World-Building in a Dystopian Universe

The world-building in “Fourth Wing” was truly impressive. Yarros skillfully crafted a dystopian universe filled with dragons, intricate magic, and intense action. I found myself fully engaged in this imaginative setting, eagerly exploring its every corner.

Unique Writing Style That Brings Intimacy to the Story

It’s worth mentioning that the author’s choice of writing style, employing first person present tense, initially caught me off guard. However, as I became acclimated to the unique prose, I discovered a growing appreciation for Yarros’ craft. It brought a sense of immediacy and intimacy to the story that, once embraced, enhanced my overall enjoyment.

Compelling Plot That Loses Focus on Relationships

In terms of the plot, the first half of the book was particularly enthralling. The unfolding events captured my attention and left me eager for more. However, as the story progressed, I found myself increasingly disconnected. The focus on a specific relationship began to monopolize the narrative, vacillating between angsty teenage drama and explicit content. The drawn-out love scenes became tiresome, prompting me to skip ahead and miss out on potential excitement. It’s unfortunate, as everything else about the book was quite enjoyable.

Unnecessary and Distracting Focus on Intimate Scenes That Ruins the Story

I strongly disliked how the book excessively emphasized intimate scenes. Instead of enhancing the story, it became distracting and took away from the real essence of the plot. The author’s overemphasis on explicit moments disrupted the flow of the narrative and turned off many potential readers. If the author had taken a more balanced approach to incorporating intimacy, the story would have been much more enjoyable and satisfying for a wider audience.

Mixed Reviews and Diverse Opinions

Curious about others’ opinions, I perused some reviews on Audible and found a mix of positive and negative comments. Some reviewers felt an unparalleled sense of awe, comparing the book to their first fantasy romance read. They praised the narration, acknowledging the narrators’ talent while being forgiving of any minor limitations. The story’s allure, filled with dragons, slow burn romance, captivating magic, and thrilling action, seemed to speak directly to their hearts.

An Inconvenience: The Nasal Voice Criticism

Unfortunately, the book had a big problem — the narrator’s voice sounded nasally. This choice of voice made it difficult for many readers to enjoy the story. The narrator’s voice was annoying and made it hard to stay engaged. Some readers tried to keep listening, hoping that it would get better, but the nasal voice just made them more disappointed and frustrated. Sadly, this problem with the narration overshadowed any good parts of the story.

A Tale for Dragon Enthusiasts: Decide for Yourself

Now, if dragons hold a special place in your heart, “Fourth Wing” may be precisely the tale you’ve been seeking. While it didn’t entirely align with my personal preferences, the book undoubtedly possesses qualities that will resonate strongly with its target audience. Allow the alluring world-building and compelling narration to transport you into the depths of Empyrean, and judge for yourself whether this fantastical journey is the one you’ve been yearning for.

Our Rating – 3/5

Please note, this review reflects my own experience and opinions, and other readers may have varying perspectives.

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