Can You Use Amazon Vouchers on Audible?

The answer is – No, we cannot use Amazon voucher or gift card or even Amazon pay balance to buy audiobooks on Audible.

I recently tried to buy an audiobook on Audible using an Amazon voucher or gift card, and unfortunately, I ran into some difficulties. As an avid audiobook lover, I was excited to use my Amazon vouchers to purchase a new title and delve into a captivating story. However, it turns out that Audible doesn’t directly accept Amazon vouchers as a payment method.

When I proceeded to check out with my chosen audiobook on Audible, I searched for an option to use my Amazon vouchers or gift card balance. To my disappointment, there was no such option available during the payment process. I even tried using my Amazon Pay balance, but that also didn’t seem to work.

After some research, I learned that Audible and Amazon operate as separate entities, and their payment systems are not fully integrated. While Amazon owns Audible, the payment methods and gift cards supported by each platform are distinct.

So, if you have Amazon vouchers or gift cards and were hoping to use them to purchase audiobooks on Audible directly, you might encounter the same obstacle I faced. As of now, Audible only accepts credit/debit cards or specific payment methods designated for audiobook purchases on their platform.

How to use Amazon Voucher or Gift Card for Audiobook purchases?

Despite this setback, there are alternative ways to utilize your Amazon vouchers to fuel your audiobook addiction. One option is to use your Amazon gift card to purchase an Audible gift membership for yourself or a fellow audiobook enthusiast. This way, you can enjoy Audible benefits and use your credits to get your hands on some fantastic audiobooks.

Another approach is to explore audiobooks available on the Amazon website. Some titles come with an option to purchase the Kindle eBook and audiobook bundle together. While this doesn’t directly use your Amazon vouchers on Audible, it allows you to enjoy audiobooks alongside your eBook collection.

While it’s disappointing that Audible doesn’t currently support Amazon vouchers as a payment method, I’m grateful for the various alternatives available. So, despite my initial hiccup, I’m still able to indulge in the wonderful world of audiobooks, thanks to Amazon and Audible’s wide array of options.

I hope this clears up any confusion you might have had regarding using Amazon vouchers on Audible. Happy listening!