Why can’t I buy audible credits?

If you are an Audible user and you want to buy books, you might wish that you could use Audible credit facility rather than purchasing it by paying the price. The reason for that is the way Audible credits work. Audible credits can be used to buy any audiobook irrespective of what they cost. That helps us in buying expensive audiobooks easily using credits. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why you cannot buy audible credits. Audible credits aren’t directly purchased, and you get credits each month as your membership benefits. Here are some reasons why you can’t buy Audible credits.

Some Reasons We Can’t Buy Audible Credits Directly

One of the main reasons why we can’t buy Audible credits directly is because the Audible platform operates on a subscription-based model. All Amazon Audible Users receive a certain number of credits per month and this number is based on their membership type. These Audible credits can be used to purchase audiobooks at a discounted price or for free. However, Audible does not provide an option to buy Audible credits separately from the subscription plans. That is because it will stop users from being Audible members and they will only buy credits as they need.

Audible may be Encouraging Subscription Sign-ups

Another possibility behind the Audible’s decision to limit credit purchases might be a strategic move to encourage more users to register for their Audible subscription plans. Since they can’t buy Audible credits, by offering a fixed number of credits each month at a reasonable cost, Audible can maintain a consistent source of revenue and keep users engaged with the platform’s content. Also, it makes sure that users visit the Audible platform regularly.

However, Amazon does provide a credit rollover feature.

One way Audible incentivizes its subscribers is through the credit rollover feature. To ensure that users can’t buy credits but still would want to stay on the Audible platform, when you don’t utilize all your credits during a month, the unused credits roll over to the next month, accumulating over time. While this special feature benefits users who prefer to save credits for special releases or longer audiobooks, it also means there’s less incentive to purchase credits separately.

You can’t buy Audible credit, buty you can use credit gifting option.

Although you can’t buy Audible credits for yourself, the Audible platform allows you to gift Audible credits to other members. This feature fosters a sense of community among audiobook enthusiasts, enabling them to share the audiobook experience with friends and family. Even though it doesn’t make sense to restrict purchase but allow gift, it makes sense when we consider how it increases word-of-mouth and increases referrals for new Audible sign ups.

While credit purchases are not available, audible provides flexibility in audiobook purchases. You have the option to buy audiobooks directly without using credits. This approach caters to users who may not want to commit to a subscription but still wish to enjoy specific audiobooks.

There might be some regional restrictions on credit purchases.

The availability of credit purchases may vary based on the user’s location. Audible operates in different countries and regions, each with its pricing and subscription plans. Therefore, the ability to buy credits directly may differ depending on where you are located. It’s probable that Amazon will introduce credit buying options in some countries depending on the type of customers.

Amazon may be focusing on subscription engagement.

Another reason why you can’t buy Audible credits is probably because by emphasizing subscription engagement, Audible can retain a loyal user base. This strategy not only ensures a steady stream of revenue but also fosters long-term relationships with users, who are more likely to explore new titles and continue their memberships.

DRM Protection and Audiobook Ownership

Another reason Audible may limit credit purchases is to maintain digital rights management (DRM) protection on audiobooks. Tying audiobooks to subscriptions or purchases helps Audible safeguard against unauthorized distribution and piracy.