How many Audible credits can I have?

As someone who loves audiobooks, I’ve been a loyal subscriber to Audible for a while now. One question that’s always bugged me is, “How many Audible credits can I keep at once?” So, I decided to do a bit of research to figure out how many Audible credits can I have !

Turns out, the number of credits you can have depends on the membership plan you choose. Some plans give you credits every month, while others offer them annually. The cool thing is that if you don’t use all your credits in one term, they roll over to the next term. This way, you don’t lose any credits, and you have more flexibility in using them.

Here’s the breakdown.

How many Audible credits can I have rolled over?

1. If you have the basic Audible membership, you can keep up to 5 credits at a time. Any extra credits beyond that will expire.

2. With the Audible Membership – 12 Credits Annually, you can store up to 6 credits before the oldest ones start expiring.

3. If you have the Audible Membership – 2 Credits Monthly, you can have up to 10 credits at once.

4. The Audible Membership – 24 Credits Annually lets you keep up to 12 credits before they start expiring.

Keep in mind that credits from Audible iOS app membership or Audible Google Play membership don’t follow these limits. They stay in your account even if you cancel your membership. The extra credits you buy in the iOS or Google Play apps are also safe from the expiration rule.

To make the most of my Audible membership and avoid losing any credits, I found some useful options

1. Audible’s recommendations based on my past purchases have led me to discover some awesome books I might have missed otherwise.

2. If I’m overwhelmed with credits and need a break from new audiobooks, I can put my membership on hold for a while.

Understanding Audible’s credit rollover policy has made managing my audiobook collection much easier. Now I know how many audible credit can I have with me. Now, I can enjoy building up my credit stash without worrying about losing any of them. So, here’s to more thrilling adventures in the wonderful world of audiobooks! Happy listening!