What time do Audible books release?

Audible books are usually released around midnight Eastern Time (ET) on their official release date. However, it’s essential to know that not all books have a fixed release time, and some may become available at different times during the day. The specific release time can also depend on the publisher’s schedule and other factors.

If you’re excited about a particular Audible book release, it’s a good idea to check the Audible website or app around midnight ET on the scheduled release date. Keep in mind that the release time may vary, so you can also stay updated by checking the book’s product page or following Audible on social media.

Do Audible books release at Midnight?

While searching for the Audible book release time, people often wonder if the books are released at Midnight which means that they think the audiobooks are released right when the calendar date changes. But that’s not the case all the time. Many a times, the time that Audible books release vary and they are scheduled to be released as per the publisher’s or author’s wish. The time can also depend on the factor that all countries have different time zones. So when an audiobook is released, the country of residence of authors and publishers also decide the time at which the book is released.

When does Audible release new audiobooks?

The answer is, almost everyday. Audible has such a big database of authors, narrators and publishers, that almost everyday it keeps releasing new audiobooks. However, if you are wondering about the time, there is no fixed time for audiobook release. You need to check for the specific book time through their promotion page.

What time does a new audiobook become available on Audible?

A new audiobook becomes available on Audible when the timer set for release gets triggered. You can visit the book’s “coming soon” page and then check the exact release date and time for the audiobook on Audible platform.

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How can I find out when a specific book will be released on Audible?

If you have a specific book in mind and you want to know the release date of that audiobook, then we recommend you to visit the publisher’s official website or the Amazon landing page for the book or publisher. You can also follow the social media handles of publishers and authors/narrators to check the actual release time of a specific audiobook.

Here is a table of some of the audiobooks to be released

Abagnale, Frank W.Catch Me If You Can
Abagnale, Frank W.The Art of the Steal
Abi-Nakhoul, NourSupplication
Aldern, Clayton PageThe Weight of Nature
Alexander, CarolineSkies of Thunder
Anderson, KirstenWhat Do We Know About the Nazca Lines?
Anderson, Kirsten and Who HQWho Is Taylor Swift?
Angelle Bauman, ChristyHer Rites
Archer, BrookeHearts Still Beating
Arnold, DanielInheritance
Backer, BenjiThe Conservative Environmentalist
Barrett, PaddyHeart
Baum, ClaireThe Hidden Package
Bilow, RochelleEffie Olsen’s Summer Special
Brallier, Max and Joshua PruettThe Last Comics on Earth: Too Many Villains!
Brubaker Bradley, KimberlyThe Night War
Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan the Terrible
Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan the Untamed
Carcaterra, LorenzoNonna Maria and the Case of the Lost Treasure
Carroll, SeanQuanta and Fields
Castro, V.Immortal Pleasures
Chang, Molly X.To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods
Chandler, DanielFree and Equal
Chiang, AustinGut
Chong, DeniseOut of Darkness
Chung, Eve J.Daughters of Shandong
Cobbs Leonard, TashaDo It Anyway
Cooper, Sean PatrickThe Shooter at Midnight
Daemen, WilDefy the Stars
Dallaire, RomeoThe Peace
Davis, MeredithThe Minor Miracle
de la Peña, MattThe Perfect Place
Dennis, DarrellInheritance
Doty, James R. MDMind Magic
Du Brul, JackClive Cussler The Heist
Dugan, JenniferPlaying for Keeps
Easton, EttaThe Kiss Countdown
Escabasse, SophieWitches of Brooklyn: What the Hex?!
Escabasse, SophieWitches of Brooklyn: S’More Magic
Fisher, Sarah Young and Susan Shelly McGovernMoney for Millennials
Fitzmaurice, JamesMichel Foucault
Fox, NathanThe Unexpected
Galloway, ScottThe Algebra of Wealth
Garvin, EileenCrow Talk
Goffman, ErvingStigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity
Golden, KateA Promise of Peridot
Gonzalez Rose, Elle10 Things I Hate About Prom
Gordon, DominicExcitable Boy
Gramazio, HollyThe Husbands
Gratton, Tessa and Justina IrelandBlood & Fury
Green, Natasha and Natasha PrestonThe Dare
Grunwald, LisaThe Evolution of Annabel Craig
Hahn, MedinaInheritance
Hari, JohannMagic Pill
Harlow, ClareTidemagic: The Many Faces of Ista Flit
Harlow, Poppy and Laura JarrettThe Color of Love
Harrison, KimFirst Contact
Harrison, KimTotality
Hayes, HazelBetter by Far
Heider, Mary Winn and Chad SellThe Stupendous Switcheroo #2: Born to Be Bad
Henry, AllenHenry Henry
Hoffman, KTThe Prospects
Holyoke, PollyThe Sky King
Hughes, CaoilinnThe Alternatives
Hubbard, MatthewThe Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge
Hunter, KristinThe Spill Zone
Iriarte, José PabloBenny Ramírez and the Nearly Departed
Jacobs, A.J.The Year of Living Constitutionally
Jennings, KarenCrooked Seeds
Johnston, Tony and Jin WangBorn Naughty
Jones, LucyMatrescence
July, MirandaAll Fours
Kagan, RobertRebellion
Kaur Kohli, SahajBut What Will People Say?
Kelly, LynneThe Secret Language of Birds
Kennedy, Patrick J. and Stephen FriedProfiles in Mental Health Courage
Khong, RachelReal Americans
Kwan, KevinLies and Weddings
Lamott, AnneSomehow
Larson, ErikThe Demon of Unrest
Some of the audiobooks which are to be released soon