Do you get free books on Audible?

If you’re a book lover or audiobook enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with Audible, the popular platform for audiobooks. But here’s a delightful secret: Audible also offers a fantastic collection of free listens, no strings attached! I have been asked this multiple times – do you get free books on audible? Yes, you do. From timeless classics to gripping mysteries, heartwarming romances to thought-provoking nonfiction, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In this article, we’ll dive into the exciting world of free audiobooks on Audible and explore the different genres and captivating offerings that won’t cost you a dime.

Free Audiobooks You Can Get on Audible

Imagine exploring literary gems from different eras and genres, all without spending a penny! Audible’s free listens cover a wide range of interests, including:

  1. Free Audiobooks – Classics:
    Step into the past with beloved literary classics from renowned authors like Shakespeare, Austen, and Dickens. These timeless tales continue to enchant readers of all ages.
  2. Free Audiobooks – Literary Fiction:
    If you love contemporary stories that make you think and feel, you’ll find a selection of thought-provoking literary fiction to immerse yourself in.
  3. Free Audiobooks – Romance:
    Indulge in heartwarming love stories and captivating romances. From sweet to steamy, there’s a free romance audiobook for every romantic soul.
  4. Free Audiobooks – Mystery & Thriller:
    For fans of suspense and excitement, Audible offers free mystery and thriller audiobooks that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
  5. Free Audiobooks – Coming-of-Age:
    Embark on transformative journeys with young protagonists as they navigate the challenges of growing up and discovering themselves.
  6. Free Audiobooks – Poetry:
    Experience the power of spoken poetry as talented performers breathe life into verses that touch your heart.
  7. Free Audiobooks – Short Stories & Anthologies:
    Delight in bite-sized literary treats with a diverse collection of short stories and anthologies that cover a range of themes.
  8. Free Audiobooks – Nonfiction:
    Expand your knowledge with insightful nonfiction titles on self-development, history, science, and more.

What do we get for free on Audible? Do you get free books on Audible only or do you get more?

There’s more! Audible’s free offerings don’t stop with audiobooks. You can also explore a world of free Audible Originals, including scripted podcasts, unique Words + Music performances, and soothing sleep & meditation experiences. These high-quality productions feature celebrity narrators and intriguing content.

  1. Free Audible Originals – What’s Trending:
    Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in literature, entertainment, and culture with a selection of trending Audible Originals.
  2. Free Audible Originals – Words + Music:
    Enjoy a blend of storytelling and music with original audio performances featuring celebrated musicians and authors.
  3. Free Audible Originals – Sleep & Meditation:
    Unwind and relax with free sleep and meditation experiences designed to soothe your mind and promote restful sleep.

You get free Podcast too on Audible

Lastly, Audible’s collection of free podcasts covers an array of topics, from true crime to arts, culture, and entertainment. Dive into compelling storytelling, fascinating discussions, and engaging interviews.

Are These Listens Really Free? Absolutely!

Yes, you read that right. All of these exciting listens are completely free, no credit card required. Whether you’re into timeless classics, celebrity memoirs, or intriguing podcasts, you can download and enjoy them all without spending a single penny.


Uncover a treasure trove of literary adventures and captivating stories with Audible’s free listens. From classics to new releases, romance to mystery, there’s something for every book lover to savor. With no cost or commitment, you can explore the world of audiobooks, podcasts, and more, all from the comfort of your device. Embrace the joy of listening and indulge in these incredible free offerings on Audible. After all, who doesn’t love getting something really special for nothing?