How do you return an Audible book?

Audible Premium Plus is an exceptional subscription plan that offers various benefits to audiobook enthusiasts. One of its remarkable features is the option to return audiobooks you might not find captivating, without losing a precious credit. If you’re an active Audible Premium Plus member and want to explore new authors or genres risk-free, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to return an Audible audiobook and get your credit back.

Eligibility to return an Audible book

Before we talk about the Audible audiobook return process, let’s understand the eligibility criteria for returning an audiobook:

  1. Credits-Only Purchases: The return option is available only for audiobooks purchased with credits. Titles bought using credit card payments are not eligible for return.
  2. Generous Return Window: You have 365 days from the original purchase date to initiate a return. This extended period allows you to reassess your audiobook selection at your convenience.
  3. Return Policy Discretion: Audible reserves the right to limit the number of returns or revoke return privileges at its discretion. Additionally, the company may modify the return policy terms for any or all members as needed.
  4. Exclusively for Audible Premium Plus Members: The ability to return audiobooks is a special benefit available exclusively to Audible Premium Plus members in good standing.

How to return an Audible book?

Step-by-Step Guide to Returning an Audible Audiobook

  • Access Your Purchase History:
    • Begin by logging in to your Audible account on the Audible website.
  • Desktop Users Should Open Account Details:
    • Hover your cursor over your username and click “Account Details.”
    • Within “Your Membership Details,” select “Purchase History.”
  • Mobile Users Should open Your Account page:
    • Tap the Main Menu icon and choose the greeting with your name.
    • Click “Purchase History” under the options within “Your Account.”
  • Select “Return this Title”:
    • Once you’re on your Purchase History page, locate the audiobook you wish to return.
    • Click or tap on “Return this Title” next to the relevant audiobook.
  • Confirm the Return:
    • A confirmation prompt will appear to confirm your decision.
    • After confirming, one credit will be restored to your account, ready for you to use on another thrilling audiobook.


Contact customer care to return an Audible audiobook

If you encounter any difficulties during the return process or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Audible’s Customer Support team. They are available 24/7 and are eager to provide prompt assistance.

Audible book refund types

Refunds for returned titles are automatically issued to the same payment method used for the initial purchase, whether it was a credit or a coupon.

Note on Returns Policy Changes

Please note that starting October 17, 2022, Audible no longer accepts returns for titles purchased with a credit card. Additionally, any credits issued for returned titles now expire after 12 months from the date of issuance, regardless of when the credit was initially received.

Embrace the freedom to explore new audiobooks without worries, and if a title doesn’t resonate with you, know that a return is just a few simple steps away! Your Audible Premium Plus membership is designed to offer you the best audiobook experience, and the return option ensures you make the most of it.