Do you lose Audible credits if you cancel your subscription?

Audible is a popular audiobook platform that offers its users a range of membership plans with enticing benefits, including credits to exchange for audiobooks. However, circumstances may arise where you consider canceling your Audible Premium Plus membership. Before doing so, it’s essential to understand what happens to your unused credits and how to make the most of them.

Recently, I found myself contemplating whether to cancel my Audible Premium Plus membership. Before making any decisions, I delved into the details of what happens to my unused credits and how to make the most of them.

What Happens to Unused Credits Upon Membership Cancellation?

If you decide to end your Audible Premium Plus membership, your unused credits will be lost along with other membership benefits. It’s important to be aware of this policy to avoid any potential disappointment.

Using Your Credits Before Membership Cancellation

With this information in mind, I decided to make the best use of my remaining credits before finalizing my decision. Each Audible credit allows me to purchase an audiobook of my choice, and the best part is that titles acquired through credits or credit card purchases remain mine to keep, even if I am no longer an Audible member. So, I embarked on a delightful audiobook spree, indulging in some of my all-time favorite titles and exploring new captivating stories.

Switching to Audible Plus: Retaining Your Credits

If you decide to switch to the Audible Plus plan, you’ll retain all the credits you have accumulated. These audiobook credits will maintain their original expiration date. Audible Plus offers unlimited access to a vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content, providing a great alternative while keeping your accumulated credits intact. So you might want to switch to Audible plus.

Special benefits for Audible iOS and Google Play Memberships

As I weighed my choices, I learned about special benefits for Audible iOS and Google Play members. Unlike regular credits that expire, the credits received from an Audible iOS app membership or an Audible Google Play membership do not have an expiration date. This meant that if I were to cancel these specific memberships, my credits would stay safe in my account, ready to be utilized whenever I pleased. It was a valuable perk to consider.

How to make the Best Use of Unused Credits?

With my options laid out before me, I decided to explore the available audiobooks, bestsellers, and genres that intrigued me. I redeemed my credits for titles that aligned perfectly with my interests, ensuring that every credit was put to excellent use. Additionally, I considered gifting audiobooks to friends and family, spreading the joy of storytelling and making my unused credits a source of delight for others.


When it comes to Audible membership cancellation, understanding the implications for your unused credits is vital. Ensure you use your credits wisely before ending your Audible Premium Plus membership. Remember that titles purchased with credits or credit card payments are yours to keep, even after membership cancellation. If you choose to switch to the Audible Plus plan, your accumulated credits will remain available for use. For Audible iOS and Google Play members, their credits remain preserved regardless of membership status. Make the most of your credits and explore the extensive audiobook library Audible has to offer.