Is Audible better than reading physical books?

As an avid book lover, I have always cherished the pleasure of getting lost in the pages of a good book. However, since I discovered Amazon Audible, my reading experience has transformed into something even more captivating. If you are wondering whether Audible is better than reading physical books or not, in this article, I will share my perspective on why I find Audible better than traditional reading and why it has become an inseparable part of my literary journey.

What is so great about Audible?

Audible offers a remarkable listening experience that captivates both the mind and soul. With a vast collection of audiobooks at my fingertips, I can dive into a variety of genres, from enthralling fiction to thought-provoking non-fiction, narrated by talented voice artists who bring the characters to life. The soothing tones and expressive storytelling make Audible a truly immersive and engaging experience, allowing me to enjoy literature in a whole new way.

Audible lets me multitask which is a fair advantage.

One of the significant advantages of Audible is its compatibility with multitasking. Unlike reading physical books, Audible allows me to enjoy captivating stories while performing various daily activities. Whether I’m driving, working out, or doing household chores, Audible accompanies me like a faithful companion, maximizing my productivity and infusing every moment with the joy of storytelling.

Why Is Audible Better than Reading Books for me? – Comparison

In this table, I have compared some aspects of reading and listening to audiobooks. Based on these, you may decide if audible is better than reading books or not, for you!

AspectAudiblePhysical Book
PortabilityEasily accessible on smartphones and other portable devices.Requires physical carrying of the book.
Reading ConvenienceNo need for well-lit spaces; can be enjoyed in the dark.Requires adequate lighting for reading.
Voice NarrationProfessionally narrated by talented voice artists, enhancing the story.Subjective reading experience, depending on individual reading pace.
Space-savingLarge library of books stored in one compact device or account.Requires bookshelves or storage space for physical books.
Reading Speed ControlAdjustable playback speed allows me to control my reading pace.Fixed reading speed.
Accessibility OptionsOffers features like bookmarks, notes, and easy chapter navigation.Limited accessibility options; may require flipping through pages.

I love Audible for the range it provides me.

Audible has opened up a world of literature that I might not have explored otherwise. Its extensive range of titles, including rare classics and international bestsellers, has broadened my literary horizons. I have discovered new authors, diverse perspectives, and profound insights through Audible, enriching my reading journey beyond measure.

Audible is better for me because I need my time saved.

With Audible, the need for physical visits to bookstores or waiting for online deliveries has become a thing of the past. Instant access to a wide selection of audiobooks spares me the effort of searching for physical copies, making Audible a time-efficient and hassle-free alternative to traditional reading.


As an enthusiastic reader, I was initially hesitant to embrace Audible, fearing it might take away the joy of reading books in their physical form. However, my experience with Audible has shattered these preconceptions. The platform’s seamless integration into my daily life, unparalleled convenience, and an array of literary treasures have converted me into a passionate Audible enthusiast. While both reading and Audible offer unique experiences, the latter has truly enhanced and enriched my literary journey in a way that traditional books alone never could. Audible has become an indispensable part of my life, and I eagerly anticipate each new audiobook that awaits me on this captivating platform.